How It Works

We assign you your own health coach, very much like a personal trainer, that assesses and builds a customized program to help cta4you reach your goals. Your program will include nutrition protocols which support what you do, movements and workouts tailored to your ability, incremental goal setting  to ensure you’re on the path to you main goal, and recovery strategies that prepare you for the next workout and the remainder of your day! This health coach is the backbone of your program and will be in contact with you through many different mediums throughout each week and along the duration of you fitness journey.

When you are in the gym we work as a team. When your coach is not on the floor helping you, you will always have access to one of our F3 coaches all of whom have individual clients as well. These other F3 coaches will answer any questions you may have about your program and ensure you understand and can execute your workouts in a safe, effective manner.

Why We Do It This Way

The number one reason is it saves you money, a lot of money! An average person will see a trainer 3x per week at a cost of 40-70$/session. This ends up costing the customer 480-840 dollars/month.  Since we work as a team, we’re able to give access to coaches who normally charge in excess of 100$/hr for a monthly charge of only 299 dollars/month.

On top of gaining access to a large number of highly trained personal fitness trainers, you also have a large window in which you’re able to workout at a world-class facility. In the old personal training model, you only had access to your coach at a certain time if it was available, with F3 you will have access to a coach always between the hours of 5am-8:30pm Monday-Thursday,5am-7:30pm Friday and 8am-1pm Saturday.