F3’s 4 Key Areas

F3 was created to take take fitness training to a new level of customization by building programs with an understanding that everyone is unique and different, each with individual needs and goals. By conducting comprehensive assessments and focusing on the 4 key areas which we believe most affect health and wellness, we will specifically tailor a program meant for you with an expert coach who will walk you through it every step of the way.

These 4 areas, when worked on individually, can have significant impacts on your health and well-being. Combine them into a comprehensive plan and the results are life changing.

The first is “mind”:

We assist the client in understanding what each fitness training function is and what it’s going to take to improve upon that function. We will help to establish an awareness that brings fulfillment and enjoyment to the process of enhancing our function.

The second is “nutrition”:

Nutrition is the ultimate fuel that powers our bodies throughout workout programs. We teach great principles and suggest various strategies that are sustainable for your everyday life.

The third is “motion”:

Improve the motion of a client and we’ll see enhancements in function. How we move can come in many forms depending on each client’s specific function and goals.

The fourth is “recovery”

Recovery is an essential part of pre-and-post movement and is neglected all too often. We teach you to use different post-workout strategies to help your body recover for your daily activities and prepare you for your next day’s workout programs.